HSW LED solar lights

Innovative energy-efficient LED illumination solution for outdoor areas.

This LED solar light functions as a self-sufficient isolated application for the usage without a connection to the energy grid.

Our LED solar lights provide a fully self-sufficient and efficient solution to illuminate paths.

 The twilight switch and the integrated light and battery management system reliably ensure illumination in all weathers.

 A demand-actuated illumination is possible thanks to the integrated motion sensor.

 Additional benefits emerge from the long-life maintenance-free battery technology with an expected operational life of 5 years.


Technical data:

  • Performance photovoltaic module: 70W
  • Battery technology: Lithium
  • Battery capacity: 36Ah
  • Bridging time: approx. 5 days
  • Setting range of motion sensor: 1-4 min
  • Setting range of continuous light: 1-4 hrs starting at nightfall
  • Recommended pole height:  4-5 m
  • Integrated light and battery management




The HSW solar technique is available and can be combined with various luminaires.

Our individually adjustable lamp head is equipped with long-life LED modules and provides an economical and low-maintenance operation of the lamp.






Direct LEDs make it possible to only illuminate desired areas and thus avoid stray light.

The modular design of the lamp also allows custom lighting geometries.













Alternatively, we offer lamp heads of the companies Trilux and Siteco, which can be utilized.






A possible lamp head is the Trilux Lumega 600 with a Fortimo module. The Lumega, functioning as a solar light, supplies approximately 900lm with a colour temperature of 4000K.
















The Trilux Cuvia supplies approximately 650lm with a colour temperature of 4000K.

















The Siteco Streetlight 10 micro LED supplies approximately 700lm with a colour temperature of 4000K.










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