HSW 2230 cable fuse box

VDE-tested according to DIN VDE 0660 part 505 and DIN 43628


  • Fuse holder with porcelain screw cap
  • Shell and insert are made of impact resistant, glass filled and UV-stabilised polycarbonate
  • The shell is fire protected according to UL 94-V2, the insert to UL 94-V0
  • All plastic parts have a material marking and are recyclable
  • Complete wired for connection with massive brass strips nickel-plated
  • All metal parts are non-ferrous metal and resistant to corrosion
  • Input terminals as self adjusting shift connectors in same plane, two output terminals for each fuse
  • Insert can be snapped in different steps into the box, case cover can be fasten with one screw or with a raster
  • Outgoing sliding gasket
  • Retaining strap with guide dome and click stop device for a certain installation

Delivery contents

With gauge ring and screw cap, optional with fuse insert; outgoing sliding gasket optional for one cable or two; optional with screws for light pole connection M6 x 12 mm; different ground conductors in 10 mm²; casing cover optional in clear or black; the box can be delivered preassembled in a single cardboard box

Technical data

Nominal voltage / -current 400 V / 16 A
Degree of protection IP54
Protection class II
Fuses 3 x D01 (E14) up to 16 A
Measurements (L x W x H) 290 x 84 x 72 mm
Pole internal diameter from 89 mm
Door size from 80 x 300 mm
Entry field for wire connection up to 90 mm

Connection cross-sections

Input connectors for 3 cables 5 x 6 mm² up to 5 x 16 mm²
Output connectors for 2 cables 4/5 x 1,5 mm² up to 4/5 x 2,5 mm²



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